Wednesday, December 24, 2008

R.I.P-ReBlogging In Pending....

well..guys...for your blog is not DEAD....and will not be dead unless i say it

Benard is still around the corner....muahahahaha...

well.i apologise for not updating my blog.been slacking in office bz in office in recent is reading this blog of mine....BE THANKFUL ON THIS CHRISTMAS EVE...caused I have finally updated my blog though its a hard job done...

anywayz...after MIA for so long,im also lost in what should i write in this post.well,one thing for sure,(i think) this is my 1st post of this month!!!clap*clap*clap*clap*

dun think i wud be putting a lot of pictures in this post though,coz i dun really have time to take any nice pic,but i promise i will update my future post ASAP wif pictures as well.

Be warned..this post will be dead boring with a lot of philosophy and quotes that i can randomly think of.

so i believe most of you have heard of this,
"to be or not to be,That's a question
well,of coz u do...its by our ever popular mr.Shakespear...but..i got an even better one.
To be Or not to Be.thats not a question.thats a choice of answer.just like yes or no.
seriously,sometimes, we keep usin to be or not to be like nobody's business.people always trouble them with questions they cant answer,and i admit i am one of them.rather than making it unanswerable,why not make it a choice of answers that we can choose?wont it makes our day brighter?at least we have two answers rather than two,if you ever come across questions that involves choices,make it answers u cant choose rather questions you cant answer.

another thing is,i keep thinking,wudnt it be wonderful if i were to be born in a disgustingly rich family?like a son to Trump,Gates,etc....or any random rich family.but to think again,why wan to trouble ourselves with such tots?my parents are the best parents in the world to i have a new resolution.rather always daydreaming, i have tot of this,
"rather than have a rich parents,why CANT my parents have a rich son?"
its the same rite.i want a rich parents so that i am rich.but if i made myself rich,isnt it the same?
sounds so much better than having a golden spoon fed to my mouth(but it sounds yummy).

what else i want to say?basically blank out from my mind d....will try to update a post on Christmas since i wont be doing anything i guess...anywayz.....