Thursday, January 22, 2009

“Smile. Cause you never know who is looking forward it everyday”

Smile without a doubt is something everyone can do but….not everyone can do it sincerely. Smile plays a very important part in each of every individual’s life. As some people and researchers always say, every time you carved out your valuable smile, it requires one to move thousands of muscles of the mouth. Very true indeed. If you saw a guy who is fat yet his face is thin, you got to admit this particular guy sure smiles a lot. Oh, I must remind you guys all my words are baseless without any source to back it. In other word, I’m generally BS (bullsh*t).

Back to what I’m saying before my words become too irrelevant from what I’m trying to say here. The next thing that I want to say is smile is the best thing a person can do. “What’s so great bout a smile? I smile everyday and nothing happened to me” must be thing you might be thinking right now (well, I did not say ALL of you thinks the same). I just want to tell you, your smile will definitely makes a difference. You might not be able to tell right now but time will tell. Trust me in this. You will never know who actually admires your smile each and every moment. It can be your parents (this is a fact), friends around you, your partner, a stranger or even your enemy.