Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Picture Can Speak A Thousand Words....

This post is to acknowledge the skill of WH24 gang's photography skills.Basically no much will be said on the pictures...just let your imagination answer them.;)

Each Grain of Sugar Represents My Wishes to Everyone to be happy alwayz...

Loneliness knows no one...

Love Under Attention...~**

Shadowed By Lights

Dreaming Under a Lamp post...

Pushing The Limits...

Ps...all pictures are courtesy of Lau Wei Chun..aka Chunny aka Anor aka Koreanest Hensem

Monday, July 28, 2008

Welcome to my WH24 gang

Well well...i guess this is time for me to introduce some of my best friends who have made my life interesting. well i will also crap in my visit to VR1, where Reuben is performing with his band called Cats in Love...they are good seriously...a local band that im attached to....well,here goes another picture and caption story telling . . .

Well, i'll start with a few apetizer pictures..hehe. . . Cats in Love in Action Live in VR1...

Now that all of you start to chill out a bit...Now i'll move into da big picture..haha...my buddies
Firstly,I'll introduce Chunny....[real name Lau Wei Chun]..OMG...so chunned....He's a student from ICOM whose's so talented with music and language learning ability...Impressively,u'll never spot the wrong car on the road...all of his car have the number of 311...coolzzZ.And also,policemen loves him..haha..."Eh...Ingat perempuan..."~*quote from a policeman during a roadblock on Chun...
Nickname in group?the most Koreanest Hemsem.
code in group?wai hai yi sei

Next up, Who else but Eugene...dreaming of becoming a pilot for years...and still dreaming.well,he's still waiting for the last interview for MAS[if im not mistaken].his trademarkis none other than his super old Proton Saga which have rammed through postman's bag during highschool,BAng a few cars, and also hit top of Genting with me to BEP concert last year.Impressively,his car if overReved, the engine will turn off automatically.anywayz..He's truly our hero in accident.Heard of his accident countless times.most recent case,bang a china woman wif his motorbike.... Nickname in Group?the most JinJiangnest Hensem.
Code in group?Zhong Seik Heng yau.

And lastly...Thevareuben...Can you see him????Sorry too dark dy...=.= Well from the 1st sentence,you can tell he's my victim of racist abuse...=.=but hey...cant blame me.Who asked him to get a BLACK VIVA summore...he's considered invisible man in the nite.can have access to any premises during the nite.next to him in da pic is his Lady...i noe,they look like horny couple...AND THEY ARE!!!!He's da drummer for the band Cats in Love. and one more thing you guys shud noe bout him,which i think most of u would wan to noe him after dis fact...He's a manager in Chili's... Nickname in group?The Most Indianest Hensem, Bombay Gangter.
Code in Group?Zhong Seik Heng yau, wai hai yi sei!!!

That's all for my best buddies....what?my nickname in group and code?
Code...? WA24....hahha...wai Assignment yi sei....
adios and out...and reuben,not that i wanna put ure profile last,but i just follow skin colour tone order..=.=
jk oni la...i arrange alphabetically...so no offense ya..

Tribute to Tan Sri Datuk Ong Teng Wai ::(*3*)::

So basically this post is written reluctantly, but i am man who acknowledge people's work,so now i'm going to reveal the mastermind behind all my photoshop work for my assignments. Presenting, Sg. Long's very own "Tan Sri Datuk Ong Teng Wai"...=.= now lets have a look at a few of his hard work for me...He's an architecture student from UCSI. The one in the picture is da BOSS!!!


Basically this is my retail marketing assignment which we have to create a shop.my group created a restaurant. Teng Wai's contribution in this assignment was to use 3D sketchup to create this shop for me...many thanks


this is a website layout design done by him


and last but not least, is this Cadbury chocolate cover.

So again i announce my special thanks to Teng Wai for making most of my assignment a success.Thank you very much!!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

My 2005 assignment...LOL....right from da Dusty File..

well...basically in this blog I'm gonna show you guys my English subject assignment..yupz..ENGLISH!!!So, for this assignment,me and my group members basically needs to create a product prototype and a report for it.all in a mere 4 weeks or so..its a short semester...so I think you guys probably know how stress it is.But cause its already a yesterday thing...i will just show off the pictures only...(of course with caption)

Me "processing" raw material....Carpenter of da project

My QC checking on da quality.."hmm..shud be a nail here"~Steven

Si tao poh of project..(^3^)--->>>Ms Regina...[terleft out in original vers.]

VOILA~~!!!the finished good!!!

haha..in the end got one of the highest mark in the class...=.= but sadly,the difference between best mark and lousiest mark is less than 5...out of 100.ridiculuos...

I Can'T sMile wiThoUt yOu....~~

This is a song i really love at this time...all thanks to Abe and Hellboy...hehe. Seriously...This is what i am feeling towards a certain somebody right now~~below is a lyric of the song "Can't Smile Without You" by Barry Manilow....After searching for the video only i knew that he sang a lot of wonderful songs such as Mandy as well....well...Enjoy...

You know I can't smile without you

I can't smile without you
I can't laugh and I can't sing
I'm finding it hard to do anything
You see I feel sad when you're sad
I feel glad when you're glad
If you only knew what I'm going through
I just can't smile without you

You came along just like a song
And brightened my day
Who would have believed that you were part of a dream
Now it all seems light years away

And now you know I can't smile without you
I can't smile without you
I can't laugh and I can't sing
I'm finding it hard to do anything
You see I feel sad when you're sad
I feel glad when you're glad
If you only knew what I'm going through
I just can't smile

Now some people say happiness takes so very long to find
Well, I'm finding it hard leaving your love behind me

And you see I can't smile without you
I can't smile without you
I can't laugh and I can't sing
I'm finding it hard to do anything
You see I feel glad when you're glad
I feel sad when you're sad
If you only knew what I'm going through
I just can't smile without you. . . .

Saturday, July 26, 2008

My BiRi BiRi

Now...i went to Mid Valley to buy the sugar glider doll for collection today...25th July 2008...But they told me
1st)No more stock
2nd)Not gonna have stock
3rd)wont stock the stock anymore
I was like...WHAT!?!?!??!?!?sob...wat to do...so i went to look around lovely lace...then saw a few Biri-Biri that caught my attention....hehe...so now im gonna share with u guys....

Cute Boh?Hope u all love the pictures...hehe..thats all for this part of blog lol...

mY bEsT aSsIgNmEnT sO fAr???

Well....just last Thursday, i managed to rush a crazy advertising assignment.used up 2 days to finish it. the product is Cadbury chocolate that I've invented.On Wednesday, i woke up at 10am after delaying for many hours..=.= finally decided to continue doing the assignment.i did full stretch til 4am roughly[non-stop except for dinner break-no lunch break]. finally finished it before the class,except for printing.Hehe...now I'm gonna show off my assignment to you guys...though only the creative part....[Picture top..description below picture]

This is The Packaging...can you notice the chocolate bar he's holding?hehe..

well...this is the chocolate ive made...MY GOD LOOK AT THE SIZE....XXXXXL...Size of a table..

My Story Board...Main character,Scrat from Ice Age

My "Chocolate Unwrapped..even got alluminium foil lol...

Me with my chocolate in the special folder of the carrying case..hehe

Look...Got expiry Date summore leh....even Barcode also there...wat detail lol...

This,my friends, is the table of content..can be "inserted" into a Jean's pocket...wakakaka

My lovely and Pretty Models trying out my chocolate..

And that ends this session of my blog post on this assignment...Hope can get highest mark in the class for this effort....

Eh....Caught red Handed...I want eat this chocolate leh...


Monday, July 21, 2008


so...seems like im starting to get a bit dry in my blog....now i understand the difficulty to maintain da blog updated,everyday...lol
this is the link of the manga yotsubata which i highly recommend to any of you guys....its cute,hilarious, and truthful.It tells you what is seen through the eye of a 5 years old girl.how i hope my vision is same as hers....

URL: http://www.thespectrum.net/manga_scans/?preview=manga_Yotsuba

hope all of you guys can enjoy it...!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

My skills...=.=Lan C-ing

In this blog i want to share a couple of pictures of cards I've made in these few years outta boredom as well as for [eherm].

so, the picture above can be considered my first handmade card.its a valentine card,so i guess you know da purpose..=.=

well, this is made outta boredom,to err...show "affection" while doing charity at same time.hehehehe. bought 3 of Circle K card,cut it out, and voila...this is da result.

this is one of my favourite project.hehe. again, this is made out of boredom,then kept in my room for like days, i think months before deciding to give it out.gave it to A for her birthday,along with da present.I seriously loves this card, coz i think its very colourful...fufufu.

this one is very simple but nice IMO, coz the heart is made out of words, which carries different meaning love can bring in my humble opinion.miss it too...bought a set of colour marker pen,just to do dis card...haha

a lovely card which is easy to make, but look super classy,in other word, dis card is my one trick pony.

AHA...this my friends,is a card made out of various crap[yes crap,not scrap] paper,which somehow seems to be very useful.after this ive never throw away any nice unwanted paper coz who knows i will use it like this.

This...Wei Chun, you gotta bangga....this is the first time ive made a card for a guy..lol..so gay.its a gutar card,resembling a fish[some say dragon] head as a body, while the guitar punya kepala is a motorbike.time wasting card..=.= very big also.there's another card,which i've lost the picture, is my best masterpiece.will get the picture ASAP,then hpe can show you guys.