Friday, September 4, 2009

New Blogpost

Hi ALL...
i understand that my blog have been DEAD for months...
well,i will try to revamp this blog,meanwhile,please check out my
new Crap Blog--->

Monday, June 15, 2009

My Wishlist...(& I Dream a dream..~*)

Just an update of my wishlist...
Nokia N97---->Xmas gift for myself!!!
Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol--->Coming Soon (September)
a 32" LCD TV in my room---> Next 3 Months
PS3/Wii--->next 3 Months
New Job that pays well?--->Maybe soon...~*XD
new gf?---> COME ON BABY!!!!Im AVAILABLE!!!
today i had a dream...the sweetest dream in my life.In the dream,you forgive me and
gave me the sweetest smile i had ever seen in my life...~*
though you had yet to speak a single word with me for nearly 3-4 months now, I'm still
hoping you would just come to me and say lets bygone be bygone...hope we can still at least
be friends....i really misses u as my friend....well,i'll just had to continue praying and hoping relentlessly...
you still will be my sweetest dream...~*
and to my not emo here...just happy to had my sweetest dream...~**

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Something is out Soon!!!

Just a quick update...I went to Mid Valley to fetch my bro just now.I somehow walked into MPH and loiter around and guess what...

Preorder has begun....Don't know why i instantly went and ask how can i make a preorder for the book....a lady at the enquiry desk asked me to go to another more "high class" reception/enquiry area....immediately i told that person..I want to preorder the Lost do i do it?I paid the RM99.90 (darn....they might jz put RM100!!) bloody marketers!!! one of the marketers
But at least i got a hardcover version,plus im given RM30 MPH i can go n buy Thomas L Friedman's book that i longed RM30 cheaper!!!
Hurray!!!Reading mode....ON~*

Sunday, June 7, 2009

tiger standout event

well,just came bk from the event...damn syiok...get to know quite a number of cool bloggers....go minum session in one of my biggest minum session in Murni's.....more updates to follow...
btw...i went to the event as a will come soon....
until then...ciowzZzz

Sunday, May 24, 2009

pickup lines

well,today while having dinner with teng wai and yu ming, i came across a table with 3 gals having dinner...well,for most of the time i noticed the gurls keep looking at me(yes im perasan)...
if only i've got courage, i would just go to them and say:
Hey gurls, ive notice u have been staring at us long enough. well, ive been watching you gurls too..~*so why not we just xchange our numbers or emails and be frens?

sounded so cheapskate...=.=

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Well Susan...Love Me or Hate me...its up ON MY BLOG!!MUAHAHAHAHA

Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

'I'm a Standout in Life'

Yo baby...First of all..Im back to be STANDOUT IN LIFE....For an event by Nuffnang and Tiger Beer...wohoo...~*

well,i'm already high now..i cant imagine what would happen when i got a chance to lay my hands on the free flow of Tiger Beer the event begins......>.< exactly can i be standout? Pushing a large Boulders in the middle of the night?

Acting Like a Idiot THE SPECIAL ONE? much more "STANDOUT" do you think you can get other than having something someone else couldn't have?

First you bring out Standout item of your life...XXXXL OREO!!!!
(OMG...its HUGE!!!)

secondly...Adores your FOOD!!!
(God it seriously is HUGE!!!)

Third,you get a BITE!!!
(OMG!Its still to HUGE to put in my MOUTH!!)

"Sometimes...being able to stand out can be done differently...
sometimes,Its Personal..~*"

Oi!!!Dont peek at me eating XXXXL Cadbury this time!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm BACK!!!

Well,sooooooooooo sorry to dissappoint most of you guys for my houdini disappearing act for quite some time...out of random i've suddenly found the slightest of urge to blog....thanks to Kenny sia...
well,to be frank Im not to big of a fan of Kenny Sia....but this is BRILLIANT!!!

Seriously Kenny,u truly are one of Malaysia's favourite blogger if not the No.1.....

Anywayz...Nuffnang is making me excited to blog again...jz wait for my nxt post!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Uncertainties over myself...~*

somehow i felt that.....there are so many promises i've made to myself....and i dun think i've manage to keep all of it....just what is the main reason?!?!?!?
Indiscipline?lack of commitment..?low will power?Lack of determination?ALL OF IT?
This is seriously a time to doubt myself....
so often i had let myself down....~*
so many times i tot im mature enuff...
and my self confidence is turning the back over me...
my greatest strength seems to be a threat.....
to think gonna graduate soon.....will i be able to keep the promise i've made to myself?
will i?plenty of uncertainties certainly is crammed inside the imprudent small brain of mine...
will i look back and feel proud of my achievements in the future or just regrets that will be filling my past in the future me?

Monday, April 6, 2009

back for a while?

hohohoho..finally im into the mood to write a sentence or two...i know ive been MIA for quite a finals is coming next week...WISH ME GOOD LUCK FIRST!!!!!HAHAAHA i think i shud be updating a lil bit of stuff rite?
well, last weekend was Qing Ming...but i was working in mid i went for lunch in Sushi-zen in the gardens....while waiting for my food halfwaY...

the seat nxt to me is filled with food....then i was thinking..damn..its quite looks more like a seat or two,with food being offered to "eherm you know wat"....spooky...

well...yesterday i went to hang out in a mamak....deChola...which IMO serves the best maggi goreng....i was thinking to eat sumthing else for a change i ordered nasi goreng pataya...and voila~*

this is the message the mamak dude wrote to apologise for serving my dish late can i be angry anymore rite after looking at the rice hahahaaha....
anywayz...thats all for the moment...will "try" to update more in coming stay tune..!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Confusion and delusion

at the moment im just a struggling author who had wrote his own book.The book ended prematurely but i jz act as a author who is desperate to keep the pages running. In the midst of confusion and delusion, the chapters were filled with thorns and tears.Its a book that never shud been written at all.
Now all the author wants to do is burn the book and start over with a new one.

nobody is perfect.
what we want are just empty dreams.
we can never have what we want in our life.
what we can ever get is just something similiar.
something near what we want but it just isnt.
life's never perfect.well,for me.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

its february 2009 and so far i've only got 1 post this year.OMG...wat have gotten into me?Well..suddenly ive just gotten the slightest of feelings to write jz a lil...
then to actually look at the day...i slightly understand why...its a tuesday and i think i jz got absorbed to thinking mode.....(ss...i think u noe y its tuesday hehe)

anywayz....wat am i gonna write in this blog is a big problem for me rite seriously blank...hmm..lemme think...
sigh....Valentines is coming soon...its going to be a superbly lonely Valentines this year...not that my past valentines are exciting..=.=
during my college life....assignment deadlines always managed to squeeze in to the valentines schedule.
dang..~* somehow im feeling im gonna write things in this post straying away from wat im actually suppose to say =.= i was writing this post...i terserempak wif a pic which i think i looks cool..=.=

man im so perasan.......

going back to the valentine's topic....well...i am seriously lost on how will i celebrate it this year....
u will feel excited bout it if u have sumone in you already..
a certain somebody that you would want to protect,
a person you would give it all...
i heard of a quote....
"when there's love,
There's life"
how true this line may be....
coz my life seems lifeless without love now..
i wonder when will i meet the one?
whatever it must move on.....jz keep striving for myself is all i can do i guess... all who's reading...this is jz a meaningless post from a guy with a meaningless moment to spare at a meaningless hour thinking about meaningless stuff...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

“Smile. Cause you never know who is looking forward it everyday”

Smile without a doubt is something everyone can do but….not everyone can do it sincerely. Smile plays a very important part in each of every individual’s life. As some people and researchers always say, every time you carved out your valuable smile, it requires one to move thousands of muscles of the mouth. Very true indeed. If you saw a guy who is fat yet his face is thin, you got to admit this particular guy sure smiles a lot. Oh, I must remind you guys all my words are baseless without any source to back it. In other word, I’m generally BS (bullsh*t).

Back to what I’m saying before my words become too irrelevant from what I’m trying to say here. The next thing that I want to say is smile is the best thing a person can do. “What’s so great bout a smile? I smile everyday and nothing happened to me” must be thing you might be thinking right now (well, I did not say ALL of you thinks the same). I just want to tell you, your smile will definitely makes a difference. You might not be able to tell right now but time will tell. Trust me in this. You will never know who actually admires your smile each and every moment. It can be your parents (this is a fact), friends around you, your partner, a stranger or even your enemy.