Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Something is out Soon!!!

Just a quick update...I went to Mid Valley to fetch my bro just now.I somehow walked into MPH and loiter around and guess what...

Preorder has begun....Don't know why i instantly went and ask how can i make a preorder for the book....a lady at the enquiry desk asked me to go to another more "high class" reception/enquiry area....immediately i told that person..I want to preorder the Lost do i do it?I paid the RM99.90 (darn....they might jz put RM100!!) bloody marketers!!! one of the marketers
But at least i got a hardcover version,plus im given RM30 MPH i can go n buy Thomas L Friedman's book that i longed RM30 cheaper!!!
Hurray!!!Reading mode....ON~*

2 comments: said...

another one from dan brown! =)

Benard Yap said...

confirm la bro...~*