Monday, February 16, 2009

Confusion and delusion

at the moment im just a struggling author who had wrote his own book.The book ended prematurely but i jz act as a author who is desperate to keep the pages running. In the midst of confusion and delusion, the chapters were filled with thorns and tears.Its a book that never shud been written at all.
Now all the author wants to do is burn the book and start over with a new one.

nobody is perfect.
what we want are just empty dreams.
we can never have what we want in our life.
what we can ever get is just something similiar.
something near what we want but it just isnt.
life's never perfect.well,for me.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

its february 2009 and so far i've only got 1 post this year.OMG...wat have gotten into me?Well..suddenly ive just gotten the slightest of feelings to write jz a lil...
then to actually look at the day...i slightly understand why...its a tuesday and i think i jz got absorbed to thinking mode.....(ss...i think u noe y its tuesday hehe)

anywayz....wat am i gonna write in this blog is a big problem for me rite seriously blank...hmm..lemme think...
sigh....Valentines is coming soon...its going to be a superbly lonely Valentines this year...not that my past valentines are exciting..=.=
during my college life....assignment deadlines always managed to squeeze in to the valentines schedule.
dang..~* somehow im feeling im gonna write things in this post straying away from wat im actually suppose to say =.= i was writing this post...i terserempak wif a pic which i think i looks cool..=.=

man im so perasan.......

going back to the valentine's topic....well...i am seriously lost on how will i celebrate it this year....
u will feel excited bout it if u have sumone in you already..
a certain somebody that you would want to protect,
a person you would give it all...
i heard of a quote....
"when there's love,
There's life"
how true this line may be....
coz my life seems lifeless without love now..
i wonder when will i meet the one?
whatever it must move on.....jz keep striving for myself is all i can do i guess... all who's reading...this is jz a meaningless post from a guy with a meaningless moment to spare at a meaningless hour thinking about meaningless stuff...