Monday, January 4, 2010

hi 2010

ushering 2010, with the tots of not having updated my blog for the past few months seems unbearable.
looking back into 2009,a lot of things had happened.good ones,bad ones,and those unimportant memories.
it seems like no matter what i do, its never enough.looking bk at the checklist of things i want (tentatively)
ust an update of my wishlist...
Nokia N97---->Xmas gift for myself!!! well,i've gotten it
Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol--->gotten it
a 32" LCD TV in my room---> Next 3 2Months coming soon on CNY
PS3/Wii--->next 3 Monthsshud be together wif the tv,assuming if i still wants it
New Job that pays well?--->Maybe soon...~*XD New Job huh?i did got one.
new gf?---> COME ON BABY!!!!Im AVAILABLE!!! girls?never seems to materialise for me though.been single for more than a i so despicable?
new year resolution
-->get all the wishlist completed
-->reduce smoking....shud i quit?
-->remember to blog (shud i jz twitter?)
-->Get someone who is willing to share my memories with me.
-->control my temper...its shitty especially when i am talking to Celcom careline ppl.
--> cut 10kg of weight

seriously,i dont freaking know why i am sharing so many personal words in this blog,which i never tot i wud.i have a personal blog which i normally shout there when i am super uber stressed. to think of it,i've stopped complaining to the blog for a very freaking long

being random~*
i feel so lost sometimes. thinking,am i doing the right things,and am i doing things right?
have i lost my way?have i lost my thinking...or is it i am just thinking too much?
i miss a few people rite now, who had made a huge difference in my life. Of course,im not talking bout my parents whom im so indebted with...(and so are u to ur parents)
there are two girls that actually made me go nuts over them in my life,which at the same time i feel proud to have liked and loved such brilliant ladies. firstly is Alicia, whom i keep saying she is love at first sight. and the second being Si Ying, whom i hope at the very least,she had forgiven me of my ignorance.this two ladies seriously change whom i am now. and i am also brave enough to say,Alicia,you bring the biggest impact in my life.

well guys,i guess after these rantings,you finally get to know the other side of me....but i dont care.
anywayz...i dont even know if there is any living readers to my blog anymore.....hahahaha.

Friday, September 4, 2009

New Blogpost

Hi ALL...
i understand that my blog have been DEAD for months...
well,i will try to revamp this blog,meanwhile,please check out my
new Crap Blog--->

Monday, June 15, 2009

My Wishlist...(& I Dream a dream..~*)

Just an update of my wishlist...
Nokia N97---->Xmas gift for myself!!!
Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol--->Coming Soon (September)
a 32" LCD TV in my room---> Next 3 Months
PS3/Wii--->next 3 Months
New Job that pays well?--->Maybe soon...~*XD
new gf?---> COME ON BABY!!!!Im AVAILABLE!!!
today i had a dream...the sweetest dream in my life.In the dream,you forgive me and
gave me the sweetest smile i had ever seen in my life...~*
though you had yet to speak a single word with me for nearly 3-4 months now, I'm still
hoping you would just come to me and say lets bygone be bygone...hope we can still at least
be friends....i really misses u as my friend....well,i'll just had to continue praying and hoping relentlessly...
you still will be my sweetest dream...~*
and to my not emo here...just happy to had my sweetest dream...~**

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Something is out Soon!!!

Just a quick update...I went to Mid Valley to fetch my bro just now.I somehow walked into MPH and loiter around and guess what...

Preorder has begun....Don't know why i instantly went and ask how can i make a preorder for the book....a lady at the enquiry desk asked me to go to another more "high class" reception/enquiry area....immediately i told that person..I want to preorder the Lost do i do it?I paid the RM99.90 (darn....they might jz put RM100!!) bloody marketers!!! one of the marketers
But at least i got a hardcover version,plus im given RM30 MPH i can go n buy Thomas L Friedman's book that i longed RM30 cheaper!!!
Hurray!!!Reading mode....ON~*

Sunday, June 7, 2009

tiger standout event

well,just came bk from the event...damn syiok...get to know quite a number of cool bloggers....go minum session in one of my biggest minum session in Murni's.....more updates to follow...
btw...i went to the event as a will come soon....
until then...ciowzZzz

Sunday, May 24, 2009

pickup lines

well,today while having dinner with teng wai and yu ming, i came across a table with 3 gals having dinner...well,for most of the time i noticed the gurls keep looking at me(yes im perasan)...
if only i've got courage, i would just go to them and say:
Hey gurls, ive notice u have been staring at us long enough. well, ive been watching you gurls too..~*so why not we just xchange our numbers or emails and be frens?

sounded so cheapskate...=.=

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Well Susan...Love Me or Hate me...its up ON MY BLOG!!MUAHAHAHAHA

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